Nether Tor

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Lots of sun!
50 mins

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Loan Arranger
18m. Climb the chimney crack to a ledge, follow a flake to a second ledge and an easy finish up a chimney.
 HS 4b
Beautiful Losers
22m. Climb to the ledge on Loan Arranger then swing right to a flake and climb this to a roof, which is passed with difficulty...
2 Stars
E4 6a
Moneylender's Crack
18m. The wide and steep zigzag fissure doesn't do you any favours. Swing into the crack from the right and climb it steeply...
2 user comments
3 Stars
VS 5a
Mortgage Wall
20m. Climb the cracks on the right to a ledge then head across the steep wall on the left.
1 Stars
HVS 5b
14m. The chimney and groove that bounds the buttress on the right.
 HS 4b
Headstone Wall
8m. The pale wall on the left with tricky moves at mid-height.
 HVS 5b
Grave Crack
8m. The kinked crack in the centre of the face.
 HVS 5a
Coffin Chimney
10m. The slanting chimney.
1 Stars
10m. From the foot of Coffin Chimney climb the steep rib and capping roof.
 VS 4c
Deep Chimney
8m. The chimney that cuts in behind the left-hand side of the buttress.
Broken Chimney
12m. The block filled cleft.
Edale Bobby
16m. The imposing arete is approached via a block and is climbed on an array of pockets to the difficult leaning upper section.
1 user comment
2 Stars
E5 6a
Square Cut
16m. The obviously named rift is tricky just before is fades. Climb the face above.
1 Stars
Kelvin's Corner
14m. The crack leads to a hanging groove in the upper part of the wall. Finish in the same line.
 HS 4b
Linden Groove
18m. Trend right up the ledgy wall and select a suitable finish.
The Incarcerated Sock Juggler Versus the Mushroom Kid
12m. Start right of the tree and climb the wall by hard undercut moves (Friend 1.5) and slopers to a boss and make crucial...
 E4 6a
Black Seven
22m. From a groove climb across the wall and enter a short corner with difficulty. From the top of the corner traverse left to...
 E1 5c
Crimson Wall
24m. An attempt at a more direct finish. Follow Black Seven to the end of its traverse then reach the next break and follow it...
1 Stars
E2 5c
Snooker Route
28m. The well-pocketed wall leads to a substantial holly. Skirt this to reach an ledge then a detached block before moving out...
2 Stars
VS 5a
Hot Flush Crack
Start left of the arete and climb a technical scoop and a crack to a holly bush. Step right and climb the wider crack and...
2 Stars
HVS 5c
Flash Wall
22m. Climb a slippery crack in the orange tinted sidewall then its right trending continuation to the final wide section. A...
3 user comments
3 Stars
VS 5a
Bertie Meets Flash Gordon on a Walk to Nether Edge
22m. Climb the crack in the right side of the wall on finger breaks until it is possible to traverse left to the finish of...
1 Stars
E1 5b
Recoil Rib
20m. Climb the arete to a possible stance then the bolder upper continuation that is sustained bold and precarious. FA. Al...
1 Stars
E3 5c
Edale Flyer
8m. The groove on the left-hand side of the upper buttress.
1 Stars
VS 4c
'T' Big Surrey
10m. Approach the impressive arete from the left with difficulty and climb it with sustained 'interest'.
2 user comments
3 Stars
E5 6b
8m. The crack just right of the arete of 'T' Big Surrey has a tricky overhang before it eases.
 HS 4b
The Steamer
8m. The wall on the right with hard moves to enter the thin groove.
1 Stars
E1 5c
Steam Boat
8m. The sharp arete below The Steamer.
 HVS 4c
Corner Route
10m. From a groove by a large block climb to ledge the slant right to finish up the crack.
 HS 4b
Scintillating Snatch
8m. The face has the eponymous move.
 E1 5b
12m. The strenuous layback flake.
 HS 4b
Chasing Rainbows
12m. Traverse the break out to the left to a junction with Hannah and climb the arete.
 HVS 5a
Chipmunks are Go
8m. Climb to and up the diagonal flake then attack the tough upper wall.
1 Stars
E3 5c
Caesar Ridge
24m. A steep juggy crack leads up the arete, then continue in the same line in a fine position.
2 Stars
VS 4b
Gallery Crack
12m. The groove with a finger crack in is back leads to the ledge of The Gallery. Escape of right.
 S 4a
C.M.C Induction Programme
14m. Climb onto the arete on the right and take the crack to a ledge. Its thinner continuation leads to a bulging and heathery...
 HVS 5b
The Roman Nose
24m. From the recess at the foot of the cliff trend right up a slab, mantelshelf into a groove the pull over the beak on the...
1 Stars
VS 4b
Free Wall
10m. From the left arete trend right to a ledge then back left to finish.
 VS 4b
10m. The stepped groove.
 S 4a
8m. The bulging left-hand arete of the buttress.
 HVS 5b
Three Step
10m. The crack through the overhang in the centre of the buttress.
 S 4a
8m. The short crack on the right.
 S 4a
8m. The wall and flake.
 VS 4c
8m. A similar feature just right. FA. Keith Ashton 1989
 VS 5a
8m. The rib on the right
 HS 4b
Birthday Boy
8m. The slanting crack.
 ?? 4a
Birthday Epic
8m. The wall to a shelving exit. FA. Malc Baxter 1986
 VS 4b
Two Way Route
10m. The left-hand of a pair of chimneys.
Weathered Wall
10m. The right-hand chimney.
Pocket Wall
12m. The crack in the west facing sidewall to a pocket finish.
1 user comment
1 Stars
VS 4b
Nose Climb
12m. The steep groove gives pleasant bridging.
1 Stars
S 4a
Primitive Route
12m. The face past one ledge to a bigger one and the crucial groove behind this.
1 Stars
HS 4c
Primitive Face
10m. Thin cracks lead to a niche and a slightly unstable exit.
 HVS 5b
Golden Cleft
14m. The steep groove is often green and always misnamed.
 HVS 5b
Don's Mantel
14m. The face by several moves of the expected kind to a looser area and a finish up a steep crack.
 VS 4b
Inverted Crack
6m. The final feature is barely noteworthy apart from its historical interest.
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