Dove Crag (Dovedale)

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Early morning sun
60 mins

NY 375109 540m E Facing. A very steep crag. Most people head for the classic ‘Inaccessible Gully’ which needs a good prolonged freeze with snow to come into condition. ‘Westmorlands Route’ sees few ascents. Descent: Walk off to the N (Right side looking at the crag).

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South Gully
The gully line on the left of the crag. Often climbed as a poor consolation prize when Inaccessible Gully is not in condition....
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Inaccessible Gully Top 50
110m.One of the great classic ice routes of the Lakes. The crux is gain the hanging gully in the south east face of the crag....
3 Stars
S-V 5
Westmorland's Route
160m. Follows the summer line. No description available please feel free to submit one.
2 Stars
S-IV 5
Right Hand Gully
80m. The gully on the right side of the crag. One steep ice pitch.
Houndshope Cove Beck
This is the beck running down from the cove north of Dove Crag. It provides a good means of approaching Hart Crag or a good bit...
1 Stars
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    South Gully
    "Did this 27th Feb 2005, virtually no snow but masses of ice made for very intere..." 28/Feb

    Black Crag Icefall
    "I'll bow to your better judgement Dave, one thing for sure it is not technical 5..." 30/Jan top50

    Black Crag Icefall
    "This rout is tech 3 usually. Grade should be IV 3" 30/Jan top50

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