Black Crag (Dovedale)

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Early morning sun
50 mins

NY 378117 440m E Facing. A one route crag - but its a good one! A spectacular icefall forms most winters which can usually be climbed at grade IV Descent: Walk off to the E (Right side looking at the crag).

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Black Crag Icefall Top 50
60m. A classic Lakes ice route. Takes 4 or 5 days of cold weather to come into condition. Start from a belay on a small tree...
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S-IV 5
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    South Gully
    "Did this 27th Feb 2005, virtually no snow but masses of ice made for very intere..." 28/Feb

    Black Crag Icefall
    "I'll bow to your better judgement Dave, one thing for sure it is not technical 5..." 30/Jan top50

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