Falcon Crag, (Grizdale)

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Early morning sun
80 mins

NY 351128 700m. E Facing. The classic route is Chock Gully but it takes some time to come into climbable condition. The easier turf routes come into condition more quickly. There are some rarely climbed summer routes. Approach to Grisedale Tarn but take the main track up Dollywagon Pike to the corner of the last Zigzag GR 348127, then cut across a level area in the ridge and drop down the north side of Cock Cove Crag and then round to Falcon Crag. From the east walk up the main Grisedale valley appraoching the crag directly. Descent: Walk round to the N (Right side looking at the crag) or if you started at Dunmail head back W over the ridge.

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Falcon Crag Gully
140m. 1)40m Climb through some bulges to a snow bay. 2) 40m. Follow the gully in to another snow bay. 3) 60m. Continue to a...
Tic Tac Man
140m. Takes a line on the edge of the buttress left of Chock Gully. Start at the foot of Chock Gully 1) 40m. Up a steep wall...
1 Stars
S-IV 4
Chock Gully Top 50
135m. It's inclusion in 'Cold Climbs' has attracted a disproportionate amount of attention to this climb. It is rarely in...
1 user comment
2 Stars
S-V 5
Dollywagon Great Chimney
100m. A steep diagonal gully/chimney line well to the right of Chock Gully. 1)30m Climb the gully to belay below a steep corner...
2 Stars
S-V 4
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