Hart Crag

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No sun
90 mins

NY 369113 750m N Facing. A series of, ice smear and shallow gullies on the N Face of Hart Crag. All 4 routes are worthwhile. This is an underrated and useful area because it faces north and come into condition quickly. A good linkup is to do Black Crag Icefall and continue along the ridge, dropping off into Link Cove, or climb Houndshope Cove Beck in Dovedale and traverse across and into Link Cove. The fastest approach is to walk up Dovedale until you emerge from the trees then ascend the brutally steep slope onto the ridge which is followed until you can drop off left into Link Cove. Alternatively approach as for Scrubby or if you are sick of flogging up Deepdale, walk up the long ridge running down from the summit of Hart Crag to the road. The winter routes start about 150m. West (right) of a steep buttress which has some summer routes on it. Descent: There is a possible line of descent down ramps between Left Runnel and Hart Crag Ice Fall. In bad weather or dubious snow conditions Walk off E down the ridge or to the W (Right side looking at the crag) via Link Hause.

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Left Runnel
80m. This line takes the first shallow gully line one the left. It usually forms a continuous ribbon of ice with two steep...
 S-III 3
Hart Crag Ice Falls
110m. A series of icefalls linked by trufy mixed climbing.1) 30m. Climb a short ice fall to an easy angled area leading to the...
2 Stars
Cold Lazerus Top 50
170m. Start 100m. to the right of the previous routes below a broad ice groove, well seen from below. 1) 60m. Climb the groove...
2 Stars
Short Chute
50m. Right again there is a prominent steep buttress. The right side of this often forms an excellent ice route. Start up an...
2 user comments
2 Stars
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