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Early morning sun
50 mins

SD 263977 600m. E Facing. A superb winter climbing destination when in condition. This is a big crag, similar in height to Scafell and made up of several buttress's split by characteristic gully lines. Intermediate Gully has long been considered to be the hard classic of the crag but some of the more recent routes such as 'Arete Chimney and Crack' and 'Hopkinson's Crack' are probably better climbing. There is a lack of easy to mid grade routes but 'Easy Gully' is worthwhile and climbs through some impressive rock scenery. There is plenty of potential for more mid grade routes on E Buttress. You may want to link it with a route on the west face of 'The Old Man'. Being south and west in the district conditions as not as reliable as many other areas but there is usually a period of climbable conditions every year. The North Gully area is often in condition when the rest of the crag is stripped off and is well worth a look. Approach from the Walna Scar Road Car Park at 289971 or if the road is blocked walk in from the Torver via Tranearth. Descent: To the north (right side looking at the crag) and down to Goats Hause. Alternatively descend Easy Rake back to the base of A Buttress.

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Easy Rake
120m. This is the long diagonal gully/rake starting from the base of A buttress. Can be used as a descent.
Easy Gully
120m. The deep left gully bounding the left side of A Buttress. Climb under a chockstoone near the start. Higher up use a...
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1 Stars
Easy Gully Right Branch
120m. About half way up Easy Gully a steeper, narrower gully leads up to the crest of A buttress.
Arête, Chimney and Crack Top 50
100m. First climbed at night! A pointer to the potential of other buttress routes on the crag. Follows the summer route. No...
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3 Stars
S-V 5
Great Gully
120m. The big deep cleft between A Buttress and B Buttress. The chockstone can be desperate and a biuld up of snow is...
 S-IV 5
Great Gully - Traverse and Slab Variation
120m. This route climbs out of Great Gully from about half way up. There is an obvious slabby line leading left to the crest of...
 S-IV 5
Giants Crawl
115m. The big slabby gangway splitting B Buttress above Easy Terrace. No winter description available please feel free to...
 S-IV 4
Easy Terrace
250m. The obvious line of ledges and chimneys which is used as a summer descent. A good way to the summit. Climb steeply until...
1 Stars
Woodhouse's Route
100m. Follows the summer route starting from the base of Central Chimney. No winter description available please feel free to...
2 Stars
S-IV 5
Ordinary Route C Top 50
250m. Follows the summer route. No winter description available please feel free to submit one.
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3 Stars
S-V 5
Intermediate Gully
220m. The gully/chimney line that splits C and D Buttress. Some of the crux sections are avoidable. 1) 30m. Steady climbing...
1 Stars
S-VI 7
Easter Gully - Scoop Route
There is an intial chockstone pitch into the Amphitheatre of Easter Gully. The easiest exit is via Scoop Route which climbs...
1 Stars
Broadrick's Crack
200m. Takes a steep crack out of the left end of the Amphitheatre. No winter description available please feel free to submit...
1 Stars
S-VI 7
Hopkinson's Crack Top 50
260m. This is the steep Crack line out of the right side of the amphitheatre. No winter description available please feel free...
3 Stars
S-VI 7
North Gully
200m. This area of the crag is often in condition when everything else has been stripped off. North Gully itself has a 50m....
1 Stars
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