Angle Tarn Crag

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No sun
80 mins

NY 245074 750m. N Facing. The broken crag behind Angle Tarn also know as Hanging Knotts, often forms a series of short steep icefalls. These can be linked to provide some good climbing. There is a longer easy gully line and potential for more routes. Approach from the ODG Car Park GR 285061 up Mickleden and Rossett Gill to Angle Tarn Descent: To the NW (right side looking at the crag) to hit the path coming down from Ore Gap.

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Angle Tarn Icefalls Top 50
A number of good icefalls usually form on the steep walls behind Angle Tarn.
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Angle Tarn Gully
100m. This is the gully line behind the tarn with square cut walls.