Crinkle Gill Left Wall

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No sun
50 mins

GR 257049 435m. N Facing. About 2 thirds of the way up Crinkle Gill the left wall steepens and the drainage forms some hard ice routes. Approach from the ODG Car Park GR 285061. Descent: Down the Tongue between Crinckle Gill and Isaac Gill.

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The Wrinkled Crinkle
25m. The first ice streak on the left.
 S-IV 5
Crinkle Cut
50m.This route climbs into the large bay to the right of the previous route. Climb steep ice into the bay (possible belay on...
Wight Out
35m. Starts 30m further up the Gill at the first thin ice smear which trends leftwards to the top.
 S-VI 6
Ray of Sunshine
30m. A thin smear starting left of the Chandelle of Whiteout.
 S-V 6
30m. The most reliable route on the wall. Climb the Chandelle direct which is close to vertical. Protection available from...
 S-V 5