Ray's Roof Area

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Early morning sun
10 mins
Up and Down

The furthest buttress is home to one of the most infamous routes on grit - Ray’s Roof - a legendary ascent in the 70s by American Ray Jardine and then only a handful of repeats in the next 25 years despite many attempts. Apart from this there is little to excite on the roped climbing front, but there is a superb little wall for boulderers.

Route (click for voting and user comments) Symbols Grade
Minipin Crack
6m. The kinked fissure gives a couple of awkward moves.
All-star's Wall
6m. The right-hand side of the wall utilises a useful pocket and a horizontal break though it is all over far too soon.
1 Stars
HVS 5a
Ray's Roof
8m. The widening hanging fissure is the hardest of its sort in the Peak. Getting a foot jammed near the lip is just the start...
3 Stars
E7 6c
Johnny's Indirect Rear Entry
6m. The technical three dimensional 'slug-trail' on the wall.
1 user comment
E5 6b
Ganderhole Crack
4m. The crack starting behind a block.
 S 4a