Foule Crag

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No sun
60 mins

NY 324284 750m N Facing. This very turfy crag is high and North facing and will quite often be the only crag in the Lakes to be in condition. It takes the brunt of all Northerly and North Easterly weather and never sees the sun. Combining aroute on the crag with a descent of Halls Fell or Sharp Edge gives a good alpine outing. Approach. Ascend to the foot of Sharp Edge go over the ridge on a small countour path which drops you down into the corrie and leads up under the crag. Descent: Either down Sharp Edge or Halls Fell. For a quicker descent come down the shoulder from the top of the routes and pick up the ascent path.

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Traverse of the Sodds
180m. This an obvious left to right rising traverse line. Climb a pitch from the corrie floor to gain the traverse line and...
1 Stars
60m. Just right of the bay at the start of Traverse of the Sodds climb a corner to cross the traverse. Follow a wide crack ...
60m. In the centre of the crag is a hanging triangular rock corner. Climb the rock rib to its right and continue in a direct...
60m. Follow a line L of the blank looking wall at mid height. Move up and follow a ramp rightwards to the bottom L corner of...
60m. Below and to the right of the blank wall is a corner below which some ice usually forms. Climb the ice over ledges to a...
Second Hand
30m. Follow a line on the far right hand side of the crag.