Honister Gantry Crag

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No sun
15 mins

NY 216143 400m NW Facing This is the main area at Honister with the best lines. Approach: The best approach is to head up the scree from the road beneath the crag Descent: Abseil the lines climbed.

Route (click for voting and user comments) Symbols Grade
Cable Gully
100m. Climb the gully bed following the cable which provides belays when needed.
1 Stars
Left Hand Gantry Curtain
100m. Just left of cable gully. Take a direct line belaying just before the break. Climb the top icefall above the ledge...
3 Stars
S-IV 4
Right Hand Gantry Curtain
100m. Climb steep ice to a rock belay. Trend back left up to the ledge and traverse R to belay below the top right hand...
3 Stars
S-V 4
Right Gantry Icefall (Right and Left hand)
120m. The ice smear on the right front face of the crag.
3 Stars
S-V 5