Scafell Crag

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90 mins

GR. 209068 800m N Facing. From good reliable ice on the Shamrock routes to some of the hardest mixed routes in the Lakes. Scafell offers a range of different sorts of climbing. The number of different crags to go at and the variety of different routes on offer mean that you will usually find something to climb. Approach: From Bracken Close follow the big track up Brown Tongue. You can also approach from Borrowdale via the corridor path, and from Eskdale via Cam Spout.

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Tricouni Slab
75m.Climb the slab Left of Botterill's starting from Rakes Progress. From the recess climb narrow slabs to a ledge on the...
 S-IV 6
Botterill's Slab Top 50
95m. Follow the summer line.
2 user comments
3 Stars
S-VI 7
Moss Gill Grooves
82m. Follow the summer line. Like many of the harder mixed routes on this crag has seen very few repeats. Because of this and...
1 Stars
S-V 6
Harvest Crunch Top 50
95m. Climb the corner on the right of the prominent slab of Slab and Groove. At the top of the corner make a long reach over...
2 Stars
Moss Gill Top 50
Follow the summer line. From the amphitheatre a number of finishes are possible.1) Collie Exit. Climb directly up slabs on the...
5 user comments
3 Stars
S-V 6
Mechanical Orange
80m. From the amphitheatre on Moss Gill follow the summer line of Clockwork Orange. On the left of the amphitheatre a thin...
Colliers Chimney
35m. The true line of Moss Gill from the ampihtheatre.
3 Stars
S-V 5
Pisgah Buttress Direct Top 50
155m. Pisgah is the buttress between Moss Gill and Steep Gill. Start at a chimney line on the right of the buttress. Follow the...
3 Stars
S-V 6
Restless Natives
125m. Start up the chimney on the right side of the buttress, gain a deep crack line on the Left, which is climbed to a ledge...
 S-VI 6
Bridge of Sighs
175m. The corner system running up left from the top of the first pitch of Steep Gill. Follow the first pitch of Steep Gill,...
 S-V 5
Steep Gill Grooves
115m. Just before the start of the main pitch in Steep Gill. Climb the left wall of the gully, some tension was used, to a...
 S-V 6
Steep Gill Top 50
210m. A classic gully line with the best climbing at the top.
3 user comments
2 Stars
S-V 4
Steep Gill Direct start Top 50
55m. Left of the normal start to Steep Gill is a deep Chimney line. Step right at its top to join Steep Gill.
1 user comment
2 Stars
S-VI 5
Low Man by the Right Wall of Steep Gill
170m. Climb Steep Gill to where it twists Left and narrows 60m. Climb a short wall on the right to a good ledge then a short...
 S-V 5
Slingsby's Chimney Route Top 50
185m. Follow the summer line
4 user comments
2 Stars
S-V 5
Hopkinson's Gully
150m. Follow the summer line
2 Stars
S-VI 7
Moonbathing Top 50
97m. Follow Hopkinson's gully to a belay 30m. Climb the groove of Jones Route Direct on the L for 2m to a runner then traverse...
3 Stars
S-VI 7
Jones's Route Direct Top 50
64m. Follow the summer line.
2 Stars
Deep Gill
FA. Slingsby and Hastings 1886
Age Concern
100m. Start just above the second chockstone in Deep Gill. Gain the crack with difficulty and climb it to a snowy niche. Make...
 S-VI 7
Centre Route Top 50
60m. The left wall of Deep Gill, higher up it is slabby topped with overlaps. This route follows the right to left summer line...
2 Stars
S-VI 6
New Professors Chimney
50m. A variation finish to Deep Gill. Cuts deeply up left to finish at the Jordan Gap.
Old Professors Chimney
50m. From the start of the previous climb take the next gully line. Traverse right from below the bulge to an exposed finish up...
1 Stars
Impunity Slabs
40m. Climbs the shallow corner right of Old Professors Chimney.
1 Stars
Upper Deep Gill Route
66m. These routes are on the buttress right of Deep Gill. 50m up from the cleft of Great Chimney climb the Left to Right...
1 Stars
Great Chimney
20m. The main feature of the buttress. Pass the chockstone on its right hand side.
 S-IV 4
West Wall Climb Top 50
70m. Start 20m down and right of great chimney. Climb a deep chimney crack. After this work right over steps to belay at a...
2 Stars
S-IV 4
Great Western
95m. Start below the wide crack that marks the summer line of gobsite. Follow the prominent left facing corner in the steep...
3 Stars
S-IV 4
Sod's Law Top 50
92m. Right of the wall above the West Wall traverse is a steep grassy break. 1) Climb the shallow open groove. 2) Follow the...
2 Stars
S-VI 6
110m. Climb the ramp and V groove right of Sod's Law, to belay as for Sod's Law. Above the belay climb a ramp that leads left...
1 Stars
S-V 6
Sod All
47m. Climb the diagonal rake line to the right of Sod's Law.
Deep Gill Integrale
140m. Start between the colsof Lords Rake. Follow the rising diagonal ramp leftwards as for Sod All. The ramp becomes narrower...
2 Stars
100m. 3m right of the second small col on Lord's rake climb across the wall and up the right hand side of the ridge. Turn the...
70m. 40m right of the second col on Lords Rake is a prominent pillar start to the left of this. Climb the corner on the left of...
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    Steep Gill
    "I would have to agree with the above comments. I climbed it in poor conditions (..." 03/Nov top50

    Slingsby's Chimney Route
    "Thought the chimney was worth V5 as I couldn't excavate any pro in the thing (on..." 16/Dec top50

    Crenation Ridge
    "Some difficult short steps, we thought II 4 the day we did it!" 04/May

    Steep Gill Direct start
    "Felt like a sustained, technical 6, with gear not always easy to spot in a moss ..." 15/Mar top50

    Slingsby's Chimney Route
    "Just adding to above, Slingsby's Chimney's desperate but only for about three mo..." 05/Apr top50

    Moss Gill
    "climbed moss gill on 16/3/06 and agree with much of above and would put it at V ..." 31/Mar top50

    The Direct Route
    "The start we took direct and seemed fairly tough and steep to me for a grade (II..." 23/Mar

    Moss Gill
    "Did Moss Ghyll on 18.3.06 in good condition. To my mind the pitches were: 1. ..." 20/Mar top50

    The Direct Route
    "A good start and then the route eases until below the obvious cascade where a va..." 14/Nov

    Great Gully
    "The right hand finish is by far the better way from the amphitheatre. In good co..." 14/Sep

    Steep Gill
    "I agree with Bob. Should be V 5 at least and may even be VI 5" 21/Nov top50

    The Ramp
    "Interesting bits of aircraft at about half height on the ramp itself." 27/Oct top50

    Slingsby's Chimney Route
    "Certainly a brilliant route. In the conditions we did it, powder + verglas, gett..." 16/Oct top50

    Moss Gill
    "Barton's exit is V6, Collie exit is not [? IV5]." 06/Jul top50

    Moss Gill
    "It's comparable in difficulty to Scabbard Chimnay, Savage Slit and other such ro..." 23/Mar top50

    The Ramp
    "Descent only recommended in good nevee conditions-an unlikely scenario on the Wa..." 19/Mar top50

    Slingsby's Chimney Route
    "A fine route indeed. Did this version finish by a short rap off the top of the p..." 28/Jan top50

    Broad Crag Gully
    "We did this in Feb 2003. Thin conditions we thought it was quite difficult but w..." 15/Jan

    Botterill's Slab
    "Winter line is in the corner not out on the wall. Fantastic route!" 19/Jul top50

    Botterill's Slab
    "Rather that you didn't follow the summer line as the true winter line lies in th..." 18/Jun top50

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