Scafell Shamrock

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Afternoon sun
60 mins

NY 205070 720m N Facing This is the first buttress that comes into view on the walk up from Wasdale. In winter the broken ground to the right of the Shamrock gives some reliable ice routes Approach: via Brown Tongue as for Scafell main crag.

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210m. Climb the icy groove system Right and above the broken ground on the right hand side of the Shamrock
1 Stars
The Direct Route
165m. Climbs the line of a stream which drains the middle of the broken ground on the right hand side of the Shamrock.
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2 Stars
Direct Route, Pillar Variation
45m. A vertical pillar of ice can form at the left hand end of the icy upper cascade on Direct route.
Lost Arrow Traverse Variation
75m. From the leftward slanting rake of Direct route, below the upper Cascade, traverse a system of ledges and grooves across...
Easy Gully
170m. The broad left slanting gully that cuts into the top of the Shamrock. Combined with Deep Gill this gives over300m of easy...
Twisting Gill
150m. The S shaped gully on the right hand side of the Shamrock between the summer lines of Rampart and Silk Cut Slab. Finish...
 S-IV 4
Intermittent Chimneys
100m. A series of three stepped chimneys, start 60m down from the bottom of Lord's Rake on the left side of the Shamrock.
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