Pillar Rock/ Shamrock

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Evening sun
90 mins

GR.172123 650m N Facing Pillar splits up nicely into two areas, the Shamrock and the West Face. Both areas offer numerous quality rock lines in summer which hint at the potential for good winter lines. Unfortunately the crag is rarely in condition and patience is needed if you intend to climb there. Approach: Walk or Cycle up Ennerdale until a track leaves on the left at GR.165137. Climb up through the trees and then steadily up to the crag. Alternatively approach from Buttermere over Scarth Gap, drop down into Ennerdale and take the track up the fire break just over the footbridge at GR.176133, Longer approaches are possible from Honister following the Moses Trod path, and from Wasdale up Mosedale and over the summit of Pillar Mountain.

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Photon Corner
130m. From the top of pitch 4 of the summer line descend into Shamrock gully. Descend the gully.
 S-IV 4
Shamrock Chimneys
173m. Start 6m right of Photon corner.
1 Stars
S-IV 4
Walkers Gully
140m. The gully forming the right hand side of the Shamrock. The crux is the steep top pitch. ( Rarely in Condition).
 S-V 5
Savage Gully
No description available
 S-V 6
Pillar North East Face -Low Man (North West Climb)
145m. The summer line was followed .
 S-V 5