Long Climb Area

Sun and Shade
10 mins

Originally five multi-pitch routes were described weaving their way up the four tiers, though ivy and other herbage have reduced the choice by one. The climbs listed here are the best. Potential belays and stances are left for you to discover. They all give around 30m of climbing.

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Long Climb Variants
Partly overgrown nowadays - bring the secateurs. Climb the left arete of the central angular corner on the lower tier. Then the...
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Long Climb Indirect
Climb the main corner in the lowest tier then the awkward crack (crux) in the left wall of the corner in the second tier. Climb...
Long Climb Direct
Climb the front face of the lowest wall and the next wall just above. The widening chockstoned crack is awkward then the final...
1 Stars
International Climb
Wandering but with a fine climax. Climb the lowest tier by one of the previous routes then follow the ivy-covered ledge around...
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