The Sorapiss Group forms a horseshoe of steep rock walls that are only open to the north. At their base lies the beautiful Lago di Sorapiss, one of the most striking lakes in the Dolomites with its amazing blue colour. The Giro del Sorapiss provides a classic circuit around the Sorapiss group with the aid of two via ferratas and a protected path. The climbing is never technically difficult but there are numerous exposed sections with no protection. Whilst none of the via ferratas are individually exceptional the circuit done in its entirety is undoubtedly one of the gems of the Dolomites. The scenery is stunning and ever changing, the climbing absorbing, and the positions fantastic. This can all be enjoyed in a surprising amount of solitude given the quality of the route. The circuit can be done in either direction and from several different start points. For the purposes of this guide the circuit will be described anti-clockwise, starting with via ferrata Francesco Berti and finishing with via ferrata Alfonso Vandelli by way of Sentiero Carlo Minazio. This is generally the more popular direction coupled with a start at the Tre Croci Pass. The via ferratas can be done individually, but due to their remote locations this generally forces an 'out and back' approach and, to realise their full potential, they are best done as part of a larger itinerary. The circuit described here can be done in a single day but will take a competent party around 12-16 hours. A stay at Rifugio Vandelli the previous night will remove the walk in from the Tre Croce pass. Most parties opt for a two day approach using one of the two bivouacs on route. Bivacco Slataper is located on the south side of the circuit just under the highest point of the route at Forcella del Bivacco (2670m). Bivacco Comici is located equidistant between Sentiero Carlos Minazio and via ferrata Alfonso Vandelli on the northeast side of the circuit. Which bivouac you choose will depend on how you're doing for time, the weather conditions and if there is space for you! From the top of the Tre Croci Pass follow the road downhill to the east (in the direction of Misurina) for 250m before turning off right onto path 215. Follow the well-marked path through forest and then scrubland all the way to Rifugio Vandelli. This usually takes just under 2 hours.


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