The Agglestone is something of a mystery. How does a solitary giant sandstone boulder find itself in the middle of a heathland overlooking Poole Harbour?
The Agglestone has long been a venue for locals though in an effort to reduce wear and tear only scant details have previously been published. Continuing in this vein we have given the Agglestone a cursory mention only. The Southern Sandstone boys and girls have developed a nice set of ethics that are equally applicable to the similarly delicate Agglestone:
> No chipping, no brushing - use a rag instead.
> Use minimal chalk and clean away any excess.
> Clean the sand from your shoes before climbing and don't use pof.
> Don't drop litter.
The nature of the rock lends itself to eliminate problems and we have only described the most obvious features. The rock is rough, the bouldering is powerful and the landings excellent. So go there, respect the Aggle, be inventive and leave no trace.


7 boulder problems (f5...f6B)
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