Looking to the west from El Falco, Arboli or Siurana the unmistakable mountain range of the Sierra de Montsant is a constant attraction to the eye of any climber. It is obvious that the range contains vast cliffs but like so many distant crags, visitors with a limited time never set foot in the range let alone on the climbs. A day or two spent climbing in the one area described in detail here, known as Barrots, will certainly reveal the potential of the area which will undoubtedly become a major destination in the coming years.


28 sport routes (6b...8a)
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The routes at Barrots are as good as any in this guidebook and their position is simply...
Lots of sun!

35 mins

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    Route 35
    "7b in the local guide. I thought the photo was correct - the route goes up the ..." 29/Oct

    Route 35
    "incredible climb in an awesome situation. Pretty gripping when you step off the..." 23/Apr

    Cafe con leche con mas cafe
    "If you do this line then be vary wary and highly vigilant of any party doing the..." 15/Dec

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