Les Chéserys and the Aiguillette d'Argentière are fairly unique in the valley in that they offer high quality multi-pitch bolted climbing with no lifts required. Local guides are constantly adding and removing bolts on this crag, so figuring out which line your route takes is not always straightforward. The routes described here are the best-known lines and all follow features, so despite the bolting, you should always be able to find where you are using the photos. The naming of the routes isn't always particularly imaginative, with colours seeming to be s strong trend, but who cares when the climbing is this much fun?
All routes described are fully bolted and, with the exception of the routes on the Aiguillette d'Argentière, all require 2 x 50m ropes for abseil descents.


24 sport routes (4b...6a+)
1 sport route (5c)
Graded List of Routes
List of First Ascents
Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
or shade
Approach walk Other
Aiguillette d'Argentière
This tiny summit is worth a visit whatever grade you climb especially for the spectacular...
Afternoon sun

60 mins

The Slabs
An excellent selection of routes up some lovely, textured rock stretching across the hillside. Un pè
Lots of sun!

60 mins

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