Snakes and Ladders is the name given to a popular tour of the quarries through tunnels and up and down ladders, taking in three of the main areas. It is similar to a via ferrata, although not one that has been prepared as such. There is some modern fixed gear to help with abseils and protect some sections, but most of the metalwork has been abandoned for at least the last 60 years and is in a rickety state.
The tour has evolved over the years. It started with climbers exploring the myriad of tunnels and holes in search of new routes and ways between the quarries, but it is only in recent years that Snakes and Ladders has become 'a thing'.
This section contains a description to follow a specific route however, if you have extra time, it is worth exploring the many tunnels and levels to see where they take you. It is a great way to get a feel for what it was like to work in these great quarries and experience some of the more remote and serene places at the same time.


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