Xon Xanquete is an extremely steep crag situated towards the end of Cap Formentor. The Formentor peninsula is covered in impressive rock walls but, as yet, few have been developed. In comparison Xon Xanquete appears to be somewhat small and insignificant, consisting of an overhanging wall of tufa-laced bulges reaching up to 20m in height. Don't be fooled - the routes here pack a punch and a day wrestling with the rough tufas is sure to leave an impression on biceps and skin. The crag offers little to those climbing below 7a, and even those operating at 7a and above will want to have a bit of fuel in the tank otherwise a trip to the bar may become necessary after only one route.


19 sport routes (5c...8a)
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The base of the crag is overhanging for much of its length and a number of the routes have their...
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