The Ponoch is the massive face of rock that overlooks the town of Polop. It is often stared at in awe and wonder from the motorway, but few people venture onto these extensive walls. The face has many trad routes and a few fully-equipped sport routes on a bigger scale than most in the area. Routes here can be run-out, exposed and affected by significant rockfall from the huge face above - a helmet is essential.
If you enjoy these, then you could try getting hold of a copy of the local guide to the mountain - Guía de Escalada del Ponoch by Carlos Tudela (1998) which lists over 60 more climbs on these spectacular faces.
For those who like via ferrata, there is a fully equipped and marked one on the right-hand side of the face which is given a grade of VF4A. It is approached from the same parking with information on a sign in the parking area.


8 sport routes (6a...7b)
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