The Serra de Segaria is the long rocky range of hills that bounds the northern side of the valley running inland, to the west of Ondara. When travelling north on the A7 the cliff is clearly visible indeed the eastern end of the crag virtually overhangs the motorway. Almost the whole of the southern flank of the mountain (a conservative estimate puts it at 4km long) is rocky, much of it is of good quality and, because of its distance from the road, it is much bigger and more complex that first appearances might suggest. The small selection of routes that have been done so far are the work of expat Brit Al Evans and friends. The routes have been done ground up, using a standard trad rack and a bunch of pegs - these are definitely not sport routes. The best of the routes are very good and the climbing here offers something a little different for the standard Costa Blanca fayre. However the compact nature of the rock means that climbing (both the route finding and locating decent gear) is a serious affair and many of the routes are very run-out. Add in the distance from the road and the strenuous approach and it becomes clear that this is a place that requires care.


15 trad routes (S...E2)
1 sport route (HVS)
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South Face
The recent developments here are on the 100m high face above and left of Segaria Public Park, and...
Lots of sun!

25 mins

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