The jumble of boulders and granite tors that make up Hound Tor hold some of the most popular climbs on Dartmoor and during days of clement weather they see plenty of attention. It has a good spread of grades and styles, although most of the climbs are steep. The environment is gorgeous, the views are expansive and the grassy paths and dells between the rocks lend Hound Tor a less-harsh feel than nearby Haytor. The place also benefits from a particularly good tea van located in the car park. The climbs are on the short side, but pack a punch and, although very much under the public gaze, a little bit of quiet can always be found.


10 trad routes (M...E6)
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Hound Tor Routes
Hound Tor is a collection of sinister-looking piles of granite boulders and buttresses that hold a...
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