It comes as something of a surprise to discover that the cliffs in Peter Dale was first climbed on by Henry Bishop in 1908. However, Henry's initial exploits didn’t attract much attention and it had to wait for the addition of some bolted routes in the early 1990s before it became slightly more popular when a set of short routes in the range 6a to 7a appeared which complimented the few existing trad routes. Since the high point of 1993, the place has become overgrown and deserted once more. The routes are still climbable though and spending an afternoon here will provide some entertainment for those who delight in Peak esoteria. The setting is pleasant and the place is always very quiet but make sure you prepare yourself for some grassy holds and a nettle-covered base.


11 trad routes (Diff...E3)
14 sport routes (5a...6c+)
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