A beautiful crag in a splendid setting, though it is mostly hard climbing. There are a number of wildly-steep overhangs nearby, which make even Turbulence look like a soft touch - these are described in the local topo - though are clearly still in development. While you are here it is well worth a quick walk around the village - there is plenty of parking available by the side of the road after the village. Facing south, these crags get a lot of sun, and you should factor that in when deciding to pay a visit. Unless you're going for a quick tan, aim to come in winter or on a cloudy day. Turbulence is steep, so naturally prone to seepage if it has been raining heavily. Jo Barre Team also faces south, but does at least allow some shade for belaying.


56 sport routes (6a+...8c)
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Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
or shade
Approach walk Other
A superb, bulging orange-wall with stacks of hard routes to go at. An obvious place to head for...
Lots of sun!

30 mins

Jo Barre Team
In total contrast to Turbulence, this sector has a number of vertical or slabby routes in the mid...
Lots of sun!

35 mins

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