These two areas offer starkly different climbing. Dali's Hole became synonymous with easy sport climbing, when after it was developed it quickly acquired the nickname Costa Del Dali. It became, however, a victim of its own success and the crowds turned this into an access flash point which has resulted in many routes being de-bolted. Only a small selection is included here. California on the other hand, is a playground mainly for the big boys and girls. The routes are mostly serious undertakings - the classic California Arete at E1 being basically a 35m solo. The routes on the main wall are all amazing with Central Sadness being one of the best routes in the quarries.


3 trad routes (E1...E5)
3 sport routes (6a...8a)
Graded List of Routes
List of First Ascents
Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
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California Routes
California is one of the quieter areas of the quarries, mainly as it only has harder routes with a...
Early morning sun

18 mins

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