Porte Neigre, at first glance, is a somewhat uninspiring cliff, especially when one considers the scale and grandeur of the surrounding peaks. However those that dismiss it as purely a pedestal on which Rifugio Preuss and Rifugio Vajolet sit would miss two excellent modern bolted routes. Via del Rifugio and in particular Via vuoto d'aria are well worth seeking out, particularly for those looking for something a bit more relaxing in an otherwise harsh environment. The rock for the most part is excellent, the routes well equipped, the aspect sunny, the grades fairly amenable and the top-out provides you with a choice of two excellent rifugios where you can get food and a drink. For those looking for a longer day it is possible to use one of the two routes as part of the approach to Punta Emma or the Vajolet Towers - though make sure you start early!


2 sport routes (5a...6a)
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South Face
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Lots of sun!

30 mins

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