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Feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, and questions. If you have a general discussion point then why not put it up on the UKC Forums for everyone else to see. COMMENTS ABOUT ROUTE INFORMATION IN GUIDEBOOKS - Please use the ROCKFAX Route Database to submit your comments about individual routes, grades and descriptions.


The feedback we receive from this web site is becoming the most important source of information for ROCKFAX. We are keen to know absolutely everything you think about our books and we will not be offended by small, seemingly pedantic, corrections. Please use the ROCKFAX Route Database for submitting your comments about routes, grades and route descriptions.

If you don’t wish to use the form below, we are perfectly happy to receive feedback from emails and letters as well. Please email first for postal address.

FORMAT - The most convenient format for written feedback is text in an email, not as an attachment. If you do wish to attach a document then by far the best format is a Microsoft Word document. We can read other documents but please get in touch first.

ILLUSTRATIONS - We are happy to receive maps and topos for both documented and new crags.If you wish to make amendments to an existing topo then send a photocopy of the page from the book.

PHOTOGRAPHS - If you wish to send photographs then please get in touch first so that we can select the correct format.


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