Rockfax Databases Moved



The Rockfax Route Databases were set up way back in 2002. They provided the backbone of the UKC Logbook system when it was established in 2005 and since then they have become less popular.

Last month we ported the existing Rockfax comments to UKC Logbooks and enabled a new system for adding them direct to all routes, whether they were covered by Rockfax or not.

This makes the actual information on the Rockfax databases redundant now for public access and,  we have decided to stick to the golden rule of databases, always try and keep our data in one place!

So from today, public access to the Rockfax databases is being closed down. All the information is still accessible through UKC Logbooks. The database will actually still exist since we require it to manage the specific Rockfax app data, but there is no need for public voting and comments since these are all now available on UKC Logbooks.

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Rockfax App Android Version and FREE Access



To mark the Android release and the change to subscription on the iOS version, we are offering FREE access to the entire Rockfax catalogue to everyone until the end of June 2019.

Android Users

To install for the first time, go to the Play Store and install the app. This will give you the basic app. To access the full catalogue of all the Rockfax guide information, you need to log in by going to Settings > My account > Sign In. If you have an account on then use this log in. If not then go to and create an account there first.

That’s it! You now have access to every Rockfax guidebook on your mobile device until the end of June 2019.

New iOS Users

To install for the first time,go to the App Store on your iOS device and install the Rockfax app. This will give you the basic app. To access the full catalogue of all the Rockfax guide information, you need to log in by going to Settings > My account > Sign In. If you have an account on then use this log in. If not then go to and create an account there first.

That’s it! You now have access to every Rockfax guidebook on your mobile device until the end of June 2019.

Existing iOS Users

The iOS system has also changed and will now be a subscription based system. You will still have access to any packages you have bought previously but you will no longer be able to buy crags as separate packages. Instead, from July 1st, the system will be done on a monthly or yearly subscription basis at a rate of £4/month recurring, or £3/month taken yearly in a single £36 payment. To get the new version just go to the App Store on your iOS device and update the Rockfax app. Then log in using your existing account and you will have access to the entire Rockfax catalogue.

FAQs on the Rockfax App

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Spain : El Chorro Published


We are extremely excited to announce our third book of the year – Spain : El Chorro – has just been published. This follows on from the Kalymnos guide in May and then North Wales Slate in September.

El Chorro is one of the longest-standing Rockfax areas which we first covered way back in 1994 with a set of topocards. It then went through three editions of the triple-header Costa Blanca, Mallorca, El Chorro books until it got its own title in 2008.


Now, 24 years after we first covered the areas, comes the biggest and best El Chorro guide yet. The new book has some of the best crag photos we have ever taken. Combine this with the detailed maps and the huge amount of new route development and information and you have the essential guide to this wonderful area.


El Chorro itself has also come a long way in the last 24 years. The old access problems have now mostly been cleared up and there are now a wealth of climber-friendly accommodation options, including the Olive Branch, Finca La Campana and the Climbing Lodge. This really is a great destination especially for those looking to meet other climbers, or wanting to climb without a car or on a budget.

The book is available now for ordering with free delivery in the UK. It is also available on the Rockfax app.

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Rockfax/UKC/UKH at Kendal Mountain Festival 2018

The Rockfax and UKC/UKH team will be at the Kendal Mountain Festival for all four days from the opening on Thursday 15 through to Sunday 18. We have a stand in the Basecamp Village where you will be able to meet the team, try out the Rockfax app and grab a bargain guidebook or a T-shirt.

This year our stand is in the far back left corner of the tent. Those present on the UKC/UKH/Rockfax stand at various times will be: Alan James, Rob Greenwood, Nick Brown, Dan Bailey, Stephen Horne, Paul Phillips, Martin McKenna and Natalie Berry.

If you have any questions that you wish to ask then visit the stand and we will either arrange a meeting or pass your question on.


Rockfax Bargains – up to 25% off most books!

We will have the full current range of Rockfax books available at bargain prices including the new North Wales Slate guide, Kalymnos and Chamonix books at big discounts. We also have Rockfax guidebooks covers for £10 and free car stickers.

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El Chorro Rockfax – Pre-order Now

The Spain : El Chorro Rockfax is now available for pre-ordering at the special offer price of £26.95 (about €29.85 – RRP £32.95). Pre-orders will be sent out as soon as we receive stock which is expected to be the first week of December.

Our third book of the year is a long-awaited new edition to an old favourite - El Chorro in Andalusia, Spain. This is in fact our longest standing guidebook area outside the UK, going back to the first publication in 1994, but the last edition was in 2008 and things have moved on a lot since then. There area has also been dogged by rumours about access problems which has kept some visitors away. In reality there has always been plenty of climbing on offer here although there are some strict requirements for certain areas and a few older areas are no longer available. Luckily new developments have significantly added to the climbing on offer overall.


This new Rockfax covers everything in the El Chorro area itself which contains enough climbing to keep most people happy for many trips. There are also nearby crags at Desplomilandia, Valle de Abdalajis and Túron and a few further afield including a couple of great new crags down by the coast. EC-dps2 We have used a lot of the new map and photo techniques that we have been developing in recent books. The photo-topos are the best ever seen for the area, the maps the most detailed ever produced and all this is presented with a stunning set of action photographs to complete the inspiration. EC-dps3 We have been very happy to work with some great local climbers including representatives from the Federación Andaluza de Montañismo (F.A.M.) and from the Asociación Andaluza de Escaladores (A.A.E.E.). They have been very supportive and helpful with information on routes and access requirements and we are happy to be supporting the work of both of these organisations with financial contributions coming from the proceeds of this book.

You can pre-order a copy now at a special offer price of £26.95 (RRP £32.95). As soon as we get stock in early December, we will send the book out directly. This is the fastest and cheapest way of getting hold of a copy.

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