Lofoten Sampler Now Available

Djupfjord MiniGuide CoverSuch is the pace of things these days that one book has only just flown the nest (Northern England) and we are already well progressed with the next. Lofoten Rock as a project has actually been bubbling under for several years now, ever since Chris Craggs started visiting there waving his trusted weather wand. His statistics are: four consecutive summers since 2004, 18 weeks in total, less than 12 wet days, only 2 wash out days (I’ve had more rain during that time in France!)

All the while Chris has been beavering away getting the information together to produce the next guidebook to this wonderful climbing destination. Working together with the locals, especially Thorbjørn Enevold, he has managed to get a virtually complete set of photos and descriptions for all the major routes on the Islands. There are massive unrepeated five-day mixed aid and free routes on places like Storpillaren; major World classics like Vestpillaren (N6 about E1) on Presten; beautiful sustained slab climbs like Bare blåbær (N5- about VS 4c) and Solens sønner (N6 about E2 5c) in Djupfjord; plus remote peaks in the West, sport crags dotted around, bouldering, walking and beautiful beaches to relax on.

Putting it together into the finished book is my job and, not only been pretty easy this time, but it has been about the most enjoyable book I have ever worked on. The photographs of these huge granite walls are just so inspiring. Virtually every route line that weaves up them has me eagerly climbing it from my desk chair, dreaming about that holiday that we want to take up there (just as soon as I can steal Chris’s weather wand!)

The book is due for publication in May and we are well on schedule. It is looking really good so far and (as ever) I reckon this is going to be the best looking guidebook we have ever produced. For these big cliffs we needed big coverage so we developed a new ‘full page bleed’ style to cope with the extra large crag photos. The results are spectacular as you can see in the free Djupfjord download.

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  1. Anders Johansson said on

    I have waited a long time for this! I live in the area and I really love this place…. Thank you!

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