Peak Limestone – Ready for the Summer!

The long-awaited Peak Limestone book has finally got to the stage when I can confidently say that it will appear in May (printing mishaps permitting). Work has been ongoing on this one for a while, with Chris Craggs initially laying the foundations in spring 2011 for what we hoped was going to be a summer publication. In the end we struggled to achieve that date for various reasons and, when it became clear that we were going to miss the summer, we turned our attention to Dorset (published earlier in March).

The 'Diagonals' page from the High Tor chapter

One of the reasons limestone guides are more time-consuming to produce is that the rock and environment, of British limestone at least, is such a delicate and variable thing. Gritstone doesn’t shed holds, grow ivy, fall into dis-use or become banned at anything like the rate of Peak District limestone crags and quarries. Also, some crags develop so fast that, what is current and applicable one year, becomes almost redundant out-of-date information the next. Take crags like the Cornices and Raven Tor for example where routes that were popular and well-climbed back in 2004 (when we last published) are now redundant due to a new variation, or direct version.

So the information is now pretty much in place and we owe special thanks to Graham Hoey, Kris Clemmow, Paul Bennett, Daimon Beail, Jon Fullwood, Jon Clarke and Gary Gibson for the huge amount of feedback they have contributed, plus Chris Craggs of course who has assembled most of the document.

Keep an eye out for special pre-order offer which will be available early in April.

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