Foradà Approach

We have had a report that the track leading to the parking area at Foradà has been closed to vehicles meaning that you now have to park at the hotel Xorret de Catí and walk down the same track. This is around a 40 minute walk.

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  1. Ted Roberts said on

    Drove all the way to the chapel last week..No signs or rangers..

  2. David Mora said on

    The main problem is a law existing in Comunidad Valenciana that indicates it is forbiden to drive in forest terrain, that means, it is forbiden to use the tracks with the car. The oficial parking in Forada is the same Hotel but if you go during the week probably you will not find the rangers, but if you find (or they found you) you have all the lottery to be fined.
    That’s all.
    David Mora

  3. Gudmund Grønhaug said on

    No problems driving all the way in on june 27. Only change I could see was the signs put up by alicante authorities leading to the climbing.

  4. Simon Witcher said on

    We had a day at Forada on Sat 9th March, and found no sign, barrier or person telling us we couldn’t drive up the track to the normal parking area, and we did so. The track was badly rutted from heavy rain, so maybe that had been the reason, but it had dried and hardened again for our visit.

  5. Chris Craggs - Rockfax said on

    That is a real pain. I wonder if you can still get as far as the chapel? There are also a couple of other tracks that lead towards the same place that might be worth exploring.


    • Peter Holtmeyer-Cole said on

      Hi Chris,

      I was turned back by an official looking 4×4 last weekend before the chapel.
      He made it very clear that we were not allowed to drive along the track & had to park at the hotel.


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