Lofoten Sells Out in the UK

The 2008 edition of Lofoten is no longer available for sale in the UK but there are still copies available in Lofoten from the climbing shop in Henningsvaer.

We will be adding the guidebook to our iPhone and Android App which should be available later this year.


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  1. Joris Volmer said on

    Thanks for the info.



  2. Joris Volmer said on

    Hi there
    I’m guessing lots of people have asked this but is there going to be a reprint or and new guidebook made? Or should I buy one while I can?
    Any info would be appericated, thank you.


    • Alan James - Rockfax said on

      Hi Joris

      The book is still available in Norway and there is enough stock there for several years. We are looking at the possibility of getting some of the stock back to the UK to make it more widely available outside Norway. A new edition is not currently in our plans.

      We will also be producing a full iPhone and Android App version of the guide for sale later this year.


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