Southern Sandstone Climbs – A New Rockfax

SSC Cover 2017We are very pleased to announce a Rockfax to a new area for us. Southern Sandstone Climbs will cover the popular sandstone climbing found in southeast England, on the borders of Kent and Sussex. The area is well known to London climbers since it offers the nearest outdoor climbing to the capital.

It is an interesting area for us since the local ethic is one of top-roping and bouldering dictated by the softness of the rock, which means that normal runner placements can cause serious wear and damage. Lead climbing on hand-placed protection is in fact banned. This has required us to take a new approach to grading and documenting climbs to fit in with the tradition of the area.

The book will cover all the main routes and boulder problems on 12 different crags using the familiar Rockfax style of big photo-topos accompanied by clear descriptions and inspiring action photographs. It has been put together by local climber Daimon Beail who also compiled the deep water soloing section of the Mallorca Rockfax guidebook.

We are hoping to publish in September and things are on schedule at the moment. The book is set to be around 500 pages and will be accompanied by an app version published at the same time.

Crags Included

(Links take you to the UKClimbing Logbook pages)

Bowles Rocks, Eridge Rocks, Harrison’s Rocks, High Rocks, High Rocks Annexe, Happy Valley, Bull’s Hollow, Toad Rocks, Mount Edgecumbe Rocks, Bassett’s Farm Rocks, Under Rockes, Stone Farm

Some example pages below:


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Lofoten Rockfax Published

Lofoten-Publish-MontageThe Lofoten Rockfax has been published and is now available for ordering. Pre-orders will be sent out over the next two days and should be with most in the UK by the weekend (20 May), and by the end of next week for the rest of Europe.

This is the second Rockfax to these wonderful islands and brings the coverage up to date with all the new routes, some extra crags, the wonderful area of Stetind and a complete new set of crag photos and maps.

This is our second book of the year after France : Côte d’Azur. Next up is Southern Sandstone Climbs.

itunes-app-store-logoThe updated information is available on the Rockfax App via the Crags tab > Downloads. Lofoten is available as a single bundle for £25.99 or separate smaller bundles. Anyone who bought the previous version will get a free upgrade to the new version.

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Lofoten Climbs – Pre-order Now

Rockfax-App-Montage-RF-TemplateLofoten Climbs is now available for pre-ordering at a special offer price of £24.95 (RRP £34.95). The book is due to be published in the week beginning 15 May and this is the fastest way to get hold of a copy. We send out pre-orders direct from the warehouse as soon as we receive stock.

Pre-order offer finished - Order here

The book is a significant update of the 2008 book Lofoten Rock with new crags, an almost completely new set of crags shots, new maps, new action photographs and updated descriptions and  crag approach information.


Big new detailed maps

This time we have expanded the coverage to include the major peak of Stetind with its world famous routes.


Stetind from the air taken by Frode Jenssen –

itunes-app-store-logoRockfax App Version

The information is available on the Rockfax App via the Download tab on the Crags tab. It is available as a single download for £25.99 or as smaller separate bundles. More information on the App here. This app version is currently an update of the 2008 printed guidebook but if you buy this now then you will get a free upgrade to the new version when the new version is released in the next 2 weeks.

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France : Côte d’Azur Edition 2 Published


The second edition of France : Côte d’Azur has just been published. This book is a minor update to the original 2010 edition with a few new routes and updates. We have also updated the formate to the more modern Rockfax format and added some extra features such as a Top50, QR codes for parking locations and a good number of new action photos.

If you own the previous 2010 edition then you probably don’t need this one for the new route information.

The Rockfax App edition has also been updated with the new information. We have added geo-located apps to this edition. To update go to Downloads > Crags and tap on the update icon. This is a free updated for those who bought the previous edition.

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Rockfax Makes Contribution to Sustainable Bolting on Mallorca

Bolting-article-montageOver the last few years we have been very pleased at Rockfax to be able to make some significant contributions to various bolt and access funds. A lot of this has been to UK-based  initiatives but we have also made donations to the El Chorro bolt fund and are in negotiations with several other non-UK areas.

We have just completed a deal working together with Derek Watson, Isidre Bisbal and other climbers in Mallorca, to purchase some long-lasting bolts to be used at Santanyi.  This venue has suffered for years from the highly corrosive effects of the adjacent Mediterranean which has damaged many of the bolts within the space of a few years of them being placed.

Santanyi - great routes but a lot of corrosion from the sea.

Santanyi – great routes but a lot of corrosion from the sea.

Sheffield company Titan Climbing run by Martin Roberts, produce titanium bolts which are designed to last generations in even the harshest climbing environments. Martin has given Rockfax and the Mallorcan climbers an excellent deal for an order of titanium bolts for use at Santanyi.

Martin commented, “It’s great to hear about people, companies and communities coming together to solve a problem. I think that some climbers take bolts and maintenance for granted. I’d like for every climber that clips a bolt to feel that they should donate to their local crag maintenance and actually get their hand in their pocket. This change of mindset is coming but I think it’s too slow. Sure, I want us to sell more bolts! But more importantly, I just want myself, friends, family and all climbers around the world to be clipping safe gear, made of the right material for the environment and not some rusty half worn through bolt. These are the reasons I started producing Titanium bolts many years ago for me and my friends, long before I started Titan Climbing.”

On receiving the consignment of bolts, Derek Watson said, “The order of titanium glue-ins and anchor rings has arrived. Thanks so much to Rockfax for this contribution to start the rebolting of some routes in Tijuana (Cala Santanyi). We are also receiving contributions from local climbers to purchase the top quality resin which will be used with the titanium bolts to hopefully last at least 50 years. As always the most important (and scarce) resource is the time donated by experienced re-equippers to do the job properly. As a token of our appreciation for their time and effort, we are offering them material (steel expansion bolts, hangers and lower-off) to put up one new route for each route rebolted in Tijuana. Hopefully in the coming weeks we can fix a date to get started.”

We look forward to continuing this relationship over the next few years to help promote safer bolts in areas covered by Rockfax guidebooks.



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