UKC Readership Survey


In 2010 and 2013 we carried out a huge readership survey on The first time we got an amazing 4,500 responses and the second time a staggering 6,800! We reckon this makes it the biggest survey ever of climbers and mountaineers in the UK, probably Europe and maybe the World.

The results of these surveys have been instrumental in shaping the way UKClimbing and Rockfax look today. The Rockfax App was shaped after feedback from the 2013 survey. You can see some of the 2013 Survey Results here.

It is now time for a new readership survey which this time includes a section specifically on Rockfax. The survey is split into six short sections and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Survey
(You will need to log in to, or create, a UKC profile first).

The readership survey is completely anonymous - no reference to your email address or IP address will be recorded. Your UKC User Profile will be marked with an indicator showing that you have completed the survey, and we ask you to check your address details at the end (to send the prizes to if required), but there is no connection between the User Profile and any particular set of responses.

Prize Draw

Everyone who completes the survey (you must answer 80% of the questions) is given the option to be included in a draw for one of many great prizes which are being added to all the time.


We appreciate your help and thank you for being part of the Rockfax and UKC community. We are also extremely grateful to the advertisers who have supported this survey with their magnificent prizes.

Alan James

Director Rockfax

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Côte d’Azur Now Available on Rockfax App

Rockfax-App-Montage-RF-CdAThe Côte d’Azur guidebook, first published in 2010, has just been added to the Rockfax App. This contains some great crags along the south coast including the might Verdon. The free sample crag is Châteauverte which is one of the best crags in the area!

itunes-app-store-logoThe whole book is now available on the Rockfax App via the Crags tab > Downloads. Côte d’Azur is available as a single bundle for £19.99 or 10 smaller bundles.

We have also updated the data bundles for the Costa Blanca which includes a few approach updates, plus a new bundle exclusively for the Costa Blanca Ridges. To update your data, for those who have purchased a Costa Blanca bundle, go to Crags tab > Downloads and click on the ‘Update’ button next to the bundle listing.


The App now has now has access to 33,589 routes on 640 crags. Next up will be Chamonix in conjunction with the book launch.

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New Chamonix Guide from Rockfax

Chamonix-cover-2016This summer we will be publishing a new guidebook to the Chamonix area of France (and a bit of Italy). This is proving to be an inspiring guidebook to work on and is a classic example of Rockfax’s maxim to produce the guidebook that we as climbers would want to use.

This book will contain everything – valley cragging, granite rock routes, mixed faces and ridges and long multi-day mountain routes including Mont Blanc – more information on what is included here.

The book is being written in the main by Charlie Boscoe with assistance from Jack Geldard and we are aiming at releasing the App version in July this summer and book in August - publication update here.

Cahmonix DPS 1

The routes are described using large photo-topos in combination with full text descriptions, approach information, crag and route symbols and detailed maps. It is illustrated with some stunning action photographs from the likes of Ben Tibbetts, John Griffiths, Calum Muskett, the authors and others.

Chamonix DPS 2

Large maps have been drawn up which show detailed coverage of the climbing peaks, cols and ridges, with approaches, huts, bivis and lifts all marked.


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Catalunya Now Available on Rockfax App


This App-only guidebook has come from some previous Rockfax projects and is now shaping up into an excellent and useful little guide to some of the brilliant crags in Catalunya. We have just added a load of extra crags, including Terradets and Vilanova de Meia, to the existing Siurana and Barcelona information that had already been published. This has now been released as a single App guide covering 13 crags across Catalunya – full list below.

This App version is being added to all the time so expect some more crags here. It is a good example of the way the App system allows us to publish information as we create it without having to wait for all the work required for a whole area.


This App-only package contains 1,259 routes on 13 crags. You can buy it in smaller packages if that suits.

It is available now via the  Crags Tab > Downloads for £9.99 or as 13 separate bundles. If you have already bought the Catalunya Bundle then go to Crags Tab > Downloads and click on ‘Update’ on that bundle to get the new additions which are free for previous owners.

Crags Included

Barcelona AreaCellecs, Gelida, La Facu, La Font de l’Ametlló, Pas de la Mala Dona, Penya Ginesta, Subirats
Lleida AreaAger, Cubells (free sample), Terradets, Vilanova de Meià

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Nissedal Now Available on Rockfax App


itunes-app-store-logoThe 11 routes that used to feature in the old Nissedal MiniGuide have now been added to the Rockfax App and are  available via the Crags tab > Downloads. Telemark > Nissedal is available as a single bundle for £4.99.

Since the start of the year we have added nearly 10,000 routes to the App on Mallorca, Kalymnos, Rjukan, Haute Provence, North Wales Winter, Nissedal and the Eiger. It now has access to 28,600 routes on 581 crags. Next up is Côte d’Azur and Languedoc Roussillon in France.

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