Rockfax App – iOS Version History

We are continually working on the App to add new features and keep it working with the latest developments in operating system. You should always update the App to the latest version to ensure that it keeps working properly with iOS.

Version History

Version 2.4 – 18 July 2018

+ We’ve remodelled the crag view (where you see the approach and conditions information for an installed crag). This should now be much more performant and a bit more user friendly. There’s a nice (we think) graph depicting the grade breakdown, and an embedded map that shows the sector locations and parking locations for the crag for much easier navigation.

Version 2.3.1 –  18 March 2018

+ We’ve added an Access Issues view that will let you know if the topo you’re looking at has any problems you yould be aware of.

~ Fixed a bug introduced in 2.3 where loweroffs might not be displayed on the topos.

Version 2.3 –  8 March 2018

~ Fixed a bug in the date picker for ascents that meant you could only ever pick the current day.
~ Fixed some UI bugs for iPhone X.
~ Fixed an issue that meant routes in spotlight search results might not have had a coloured route-number next to them.
~ Fixed a bug that caused ordering routes by grade to break under certain circumstances.
~ Fixed a load more less-obvious bugs.

Version 2.2 – 5 November 2017

+ Added support for third-party guidebooks. Currently you can see a trial package from the SMC for ‘Highland Outcrops South’. More to follow.

~ Redesigned the ‘downloads’ area.
~ When there are updates available for your installed packages you’ll be informed in the crags tab.

~ Sometimes the login to ukc can go bad. You will now be prompted to log back in if this happens.
~ Fixed a bug where tapping on a news item might peform the wrong action.
~ Some of our offline maps were incorrectly geo-located. We’re in the process of finding these errors and fixing them.
~ Fixed some memory leaks.
~ Fixed a layout bug when the app is launched in landscape.

Version 2.1.2 – 28 September 2018

+ Added 3D layer to the Map tab.

~ Minor changes to the look and feel of the app to bring it more in line with iOS 11.

~ Fixed an issue where tide timetables might not appear for crags.
~ Fixed a bug that caused the back button to disappear on the topo view.

Version 2.1.1 – 19 September 2017

+ Long-press on crag markers on offline maps to allow you to jump to the information view for that crag.

~ Support for iOS 11.
~ Access issues are now more prominently displayed.
~ The app will now reopen where it left off if the system shuts it down in the background.
~ Weather forecasts now include a chance of rain value for each hourly forecast.
~ Fixed an iOS 9 crash.
~ Fixed a bug that caused area names in the crag list to be out of order.
~ Fixed a bug where UKC crags might disappear from the Map tab.

Version 2.1 – 25 May 2017

+ Added a package manager. This gives you a single place to manage your installed packages, so you don’t have to search through the Downloads section looking for ones you’ve previously installed. It also provides a handy list of all the available sample packages.
+ Added logbook ascent colours. The type of ascent will now affect the colour of the tick in the route list.
+ Added an FAQ under “Home -> Frequently Asked Questions”.
+ Added tide forecasts to tidal crags.

~ Searching now includes searching against the Rockfax package name of the crag. This means that searching for “gogarth” will return crags and routes from the crags “South Stack” and “North Stack and Main Cliff” because their package name is “Gogarth”.
~ Fixed a bug that could prevent some logbook/wishlist routes syncing with UKC.
~ Fixed a crash that could occur after choosing photos.
~ Fixed a bug that could make the routes/logbook tab show a database error (this could occur with Peak Bouldering packages installed).
~ Fixed a bug that prevented the coloured topo dot numbers from appearing next to routes in Spotlight search.
~ Fixed a layout bug in the topo view on larger phones.
~ Fixed a bug where country names could appear twice in the crag list.

Version 2.0.2 – 20 January 2017

+ routes. Search UKC routes and add them to your logbook and wishlist.
+ Sort your logbook by crag name (default) or by ascent date / date added.
+ New tooltip system to point out some of the less-obvious features.
+ Offline maps capable of showing your location on Rockfax maps.
+ Open navigation in Google Map
+ Crag markers on the Map tab are scaled to indicate how major a venue they are.
+ Long route name handling improved.
+ News feed and a ‘What’s New’ section added.
+ 1Password extension to the UKC login view.

~ Improved rendering performance of the overlay on topos and particularly on large offline maps.
~ Rockfax routes can now be searched by their country name.
~ Country names have better granularity for the UK.
~ Fixed a crash when trying to show a route on its topo (only occurred if it was ticked).
~ Fixed a crash that could occur installing packages on iOS 10.
~ Fixed a crash that could occur when searching in the Routes tab.
~ Fixed a crash that could occur when tapping a comment or photo in the horizontal scrollers.
~ Fixed a bug that made any route with a number of ’91′ appear after route ’53′.
~ Fixed a bug that prevented the topo overlay from updating after the topo filters were dismissed under certain circumstances.

Version 1.4.2 – 27 September 2016

+ New system for route-line highlights – you can now choose what colour you want them to be.
+ Enabled app to work with Chamonix guidebook.

~ Fixed an issue that prevented logbooks downloaded from showing.
~ Fixed an issue related to SSL that prevented the app connecting to
~ Fixed an issue where route-line highlights didn’t appear.
~ Fixed an issue with route-line highlights going wrong after sharing a route.
~ Fixed an issue where route descriptions could be blank.
~ Fixed a glitch in the rotation animation on the browser.

Version 1.3.1 – 25 May 2016

+ Share routes from the route list (press and hold), or the share button in the route drawer when looking at a topo. This creates an image with the route marked on it you can send to your mates by text, Facebook or email to get them fired up.
+ Crags (installed or not) are searchable from spotlight.
+ Installed routes are searchable from spotlight.
+ Added a notification to inform when the connection to the app store has been made (so there’s no need to keep tapping the download buttons to find out).

Version 1.2 – 5 February 2016

+ Crags and bundles now appear under the country where they are located
+ Opening an offline map will zoom in to show you current crag which is useful for the bigger maps we are now using
+ Crags now include more detailed grade breakdown summaries

~ Fixed rare issue where the downloads tab would always be empty
~ Fixed rare issue where app wouldn’t connect to App Store from some countries
~ Performance improvements
~ Other bug fixes

Version 1.1 – 10 November 2015

+ Added full books to the shop. You can now buy whole areas, which are cheaper than buying a printed book.
+ Added the ability to order crags as they are ordered in print books (approximately geographically left-to-right).

~ Improved speed of UKC crag import on the map.
~ Fixed a bug where the ‘Downloads’ and ‘My Crags’ tabs might disappear.
~ Fixed a bug in the advanced route filters where the wrong value would appear in the UI.
~ Fixed a bug when tapping on text on topos and maps (it made it harder than it should be to tap them).
~ Fixed a bug where it was impossible to remove all partners from a logged ascent.
~ Fixed some crashes.