Using the Rockfax App with your UKC Logbook

The Rockfax App includes full integration with the UKClimbing Logbook system. This means that you can keep a full logbook of every route you climb and access that logbook directly from your phone.

Linking your UKC Profile to the Rockfax App

If you haven’t got a UKC Profile then you will need to create one first here.

login-1 login-2
Go to Home > Settings
Tap My Account
Connect to UKClimbing logbooks
login-3 login-4
Fill in your UKClimbing User Account details Wait a for a minute or two and your full UKC Logbook appears in the Logbook tab

Adding an ascent to your UKC Logbook from the Rockfax App

Once you have linked your UKC profile to the Rockfax App you shouldn’t ever need to do that again. Now you can get on with the business of adding your ascents at the crag as you climb them, or retrospectively.

search-5 search-6
Go to Logbook > UKC tab
Type a route into the search box and wait for the results to appear. There will often be more than one for popular names.
Tap on the tick to add the route.
Add details of your ascent then tap Done to add the route. You should get a message saying ’1 Ascent synced with UKClimbing’ if you have a 3G/4G signal.
search-7 search-8
To view other routes on the same crag, tap on the list icon. This returns the full UKC Logbook crag data for the crag and you can scroll and add other nearby ascents.

Frequent Questions

Q1: Do I need to pay anything to use the app with my UKC Logbook?
No, everything works with the free app with no in-app purchases being required.

Q2: Do I need a UKC Profile to have a logbook?
No, although you will only be able to store a logbook for routes on Rockfax crags that you have purchased.

Q3: Can I log ascents at the crag?
Yes, although you do need a 3G/4G signal to access the UKC Logbook database and upload your ticked ascents. If you tick an ascent and it fails to upload, it is stored and then uploaded next time you get a signal.

Q4: Can I delete logged ascents from the app?
Yes. Search for the route, tap the square green tick icon, find the ascent on the next page and tap on that. Then tap ‘Edit’ and scroll down to the base of the next screen to get the ‘Delete this Ascent’ button. This sometimes takes a while to stop appearing on your online UKC logbook but is removed from the app version immediately.

Q5: What if my route isn’t listed on the UKC tab?
In this case you will need to first go to and add the route

If you have any problems then contact us