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Authors: Sophie Mitchell
Published: February 2012
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A new book aimed at young climbers learning the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS). It features cartoon illustrations giving step-by-step instructions on the basic skills required for Levels 1, 2 and some of 3 of the scheme and is fully endorsed by NICAS. It is also endorsed by the Mountaineering Council of Scotland.

The book comes with a robust hardback fold-out cover and is package with a short section of cord which enables readers to practice the knots they are learning in the book.

It costs £9.95 and be available from this site, as well as specialist outdoor retailers and climbing walls.

The book has been written and illustrated by Sophie Mitchell. You can see more of Sophie's work on


“The NICAS trustees are delighted to recommend this book with its innovative approach to introducing the basic skills of climbing. Sophie’s wonderful artwork will have special appeal to young readers and will help them develop a thorough grounding in these fundamentals. The knowledge, technical skills and attitude required to become a safe climber are clearly described whilst still conveying the fun and excitement of this challenging sport. Climbing develops fitness, movement skills, teamwork, and determination and this lively book is sure to enthuse many budding young climbers on their way.”

- Guy Jarvis, NICAS Chair

“The MCofS supports the NICAS scheme as an excellent way to engage young children going to climbing walls, to learn the basics of safe climbing and to keep them motivated through their early years discovering our unique sport. A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it is relevant, and despite there being many instructional handbooks available, this is the first book designed to appeal to children with its clear and often funny cartoon depictions of the best way to learn vital skills. It is a perfect resource for parents, climbing coaches and children themselves to help them through their NICAS achievement.”

- Kevin Howett, MCofS Development Officer

Free Posters for Download

We have produced a couple of free posters to support the book which use Sophie Mitchell's excellent drawings. These can be freely downloaded and printed off for display at climbing walls or anywhere else.

Printed Poster Versions - We haven't printed any copies of these posters and they only exist in PDF format. If you would like printed poster versions then there are a number of web sites offering relatively cheap poster printing solutions - try searching for poster printing from PDFs. Prices can be less than £10 including delivery. No bleed or trim is required, just print to paper size.

Left - Pre-climb Checks Poster. Right - Belay Sequence Poster.

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