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Authors: Mark Glaister
Published: 10 December 2018
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The huge limestone gorge of El Chorro, located in the hills 50km inland from Andalucia’s coastal city of Malaga, is one of Spain’s foremost climbing destinations. El Chorro’s huge quantity of brilliant climbs, combined with a pleasant winter climate, easy access and wide range of accommodation has kept it high on the list of the winter-sun venues in Europe despite significant changes to the area in recent years.

In 2015 the Caminito del Rey was opened – a spectacular pathway through the upper and lower gorges which has become extremely popular amongst locals and tourists alike with over 1000 people walking it on most popular days. It has brought a major boost to the area.

Although climbing in the gorge is no longer allowed, this has been countered by extensive development away from the gorge with major new developments on the existing crags plus  plenty of new crags. More information on access here.

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Bolt Fund - We will be supporting the Federación Andaluza de Montañismo (F.A.M.) which is the local organisation who maintain access and bolting in El Chorro. This is being done by setting up a new fund through the Olive Branch which all visitors will be able to donate through. We will also be supporting the Asociación Andaluza de Escaladores (A.A.E.E.) who work to improve acmes to crags in the area.

Crags Included

El Chorro
Frontales, Escalera Arabe, Las Encantadas Area, Los Cotos, El Polvorín, Makinodromo

Outlying Crags
Desplomilandia, TúronValle de Abdalajis, El Torcal, Villanueva de CaucheMijas, Puerto Rico, Pinares de San Antón

Access Issues for El Chorro

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