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Authors: Adrian Berry and John Arran
Published: June 2017
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Trad Climbing+ is the first climbing text book to focus on modern traditional climbing from a British perspective. Now in its second edition, this book aims to help both the beginner and seasoned climber with practical advice on all aspects of trad climbing.

"The best how to book on trad climbing to date. I only wish it was around when I started climbing."
Dave Macleod's comments on the pre-publication version of the book.

The aim of Trad Climbing+ is to offer a balance of safety-focussed ropework and protection skills with equally useful tactical and psychological ideas that drive the individual to succeed. Trad Climbing+ is the first book of its kind ever to include in-depth coverage of coaching-derived ideas that will allow the reader to reach new levels of confidence and ability without embarking on lengthy training programmes.

Trad Climbing+ contrasts with a number of recent publications in that it is aimed at active climbers rather than solely at professional instructors. The 280+ pages of content appeals to both complete beginners and experienced climbers wishing to make rapid progress to higher levels of difficulty.

With over 380 full colour photos and illustrations from a wide range of contributors, Trad Climbing+ is more than a guide to how to improve your trad climbing ability; it is a source of inspiration and motivation featuring photos of many of the most sought-after rock routes in the UK.

Book Format - The book is in the standard A5, soft-cover format with full-colour throughout. It features many action photos to illustrate the various techniques, plus cartoons and informative text spread over 280+ pages.

2 Reviews for Trad CLIMBING+

  1. Neil Gresham said on

    From the first steps in ropework to the most advanced preparation tactics for the hardest routes, Adrian and John take you on a trad climbing journey that no other text has come close to matching. Daring to span beyond the conventional, this book leaves no stone un-turned with an uncompromising attention to detail. Learn and be inspired by two of the countries leading authorities.

  2. Dave Macleod said on

    Learning to trad climb takes most of us years of trial and error and scary experiences. Trad Climbing + will allow you to jump much further ahead in the game of gathering knowledge about the sport.