Dorset (2000)

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Dorset (2000)
Authors: Pete Oxley
Published: Mar 2000
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This book covered the whole of Portland and also included the best of the trad routes at Swanage. It was only published in 2000 but it sold out in only 3 years. Once again it was authored by Pete Oxley who couldn't believe that a second edition could actually involve more work than a first edition. In this case it did, mainly because we added the trad routes at Swanage.

One Review for Dorset (2000)

  1. Tim Henry said on

    I do like the route database, very good innovative stuff. Good to see Rockfax are still trying out new ways of doing things. Certain guidebook producers seem to think splitting guides into 2 books counts as innovation and they need do no more.

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