Arab Steps – El Chorro

No hoy trequa (cover photo) on Sector Suiza. Photo: Mike Hutton

We have had a report that two sections of Escalera Arabe at El Chorro have been fenced off to prevent climbing. The first is Sector Suiza on page 92 to 93 of the guide and 8 popular routes on this sector are not accessible. The other section is the El Navegador Pillar (page 94) which is also fenced off.

The reasons given are because of some rare plants that have been found on this part of the cliff. This is often the cause for climbing restrictions in El Chorro.

The effected routes on Sector Suiza are from route 12 ‘Three Dishes Menu’ to route 20 ‘Fallilo’ and include the cover photo route ‘No hoy trequa, plus the popular ‘Highway to Africa’. All 8 routes on El Navegador Pillar are now off limits.


Restricted routes on Sector Suiza

If we find out any more news we will post it here.

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  1. Adrian Paisey said on

    Just to confirm the fence was still in place Sept 2012. Lots to do either side of the banned areas and trees by the fence provide essential shade if climbing in the sun.

  2. Emma Louise     said on

    We recently went last week and it was a first time for me but my Dad has been coming here for over 10 years. We heard there was talk on them completely repairing the whole of the path to be able to open it up to paying visitors. Do you know if this is true?

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